6 Reasons to Choose OfficeSuite Unified Communications

Monday, May 7, 2018

Windstream Small Business provides OfficeSuite®, a unified communications phone system, that will give your employees everything they need to be productive and efficient. A powerful cloud-based phone system, OfficeSuite® UC allows you and your employees to manage communications from anywhere with a connection, whether it’s through your Windstream small business internet or a mobile hotspot.

Here are six more reasons we think you should choose OfficeSuite® UC as your small business’ telephone solution:

1. A 100% Cloud-Based System

Our entire system is controlled from the cloud, not through a phone line. We use SilNet, a proprietary protocol, not a signaling or open source protocol. Everything is administered from a single, online dashboard without ever touching a phone. All information and data are stored in secure servers on our cloud infrastructure and protected by industry-standard firewalls, access control lists, authentication and authorization.

2. We Take It Way Past What Others Call "Easy"

We have the easiest to use portal that controls everything, with MyOfficeSuite. Let your employees access the system from the web — whether from their desktop or even their smartphone — so they can customize features, reroute calls and even add new services instantly.

3. More Secure Than Other Systems

Calls, messages and meetings that use the internet are encrypted from end to end.

4. We Give You Mobility In, Out and Between Offices

OfficeSuite® Mobile Softphone is a smartphone or tablet app that will keep you connected. With the app, you can make your business calls from the device of your choice while still using your office number. OfficeSuite® UC also includes one-of-a-kind features to make you more mobile, like Hot Desking (use any phone in any office) and Twinning (send calls to desk and mobile phones simultaneously) that allow people to move freely and work from anywhere without missing calls.

5. You Can Avoid Disasters

Make, take or reroute all your communications anywhere, anytime, from any browser. With emergency overrides and our other business continuity capabilities, calls get delivered even if your primary network goes down.

6. All Features Work Across All Sites

Features — like Intercom, which lets you page co-workers across multiple sites, and Call Center Services, which includes call evaluations, reporting, call queuing, live-status dashboards and call recording — work within and across locations. No extra setup, linkages or services required.  

Learn more about how OfficeSuite® would complement your small business, and pair it with Windstream’s SD-Wan for the ultimate performance, reliability and availability for your small business. Get your free quote for the cloud-based phone system today!