When to Quit Your Job Charlotte "Power to the Small" Highlight

Friday, December 1, 2017

Charlie Mulligan started like all entrepreneurs with a concept that he wasn't sure would be successful. After building a product designed to help people find new beers, Mulligan was surprised to see that the public started paying for his company's service. Bottom line: if you can't get people to pay for your product, you don't have a business! Watch the video below to hear more of what Mulligan has to say about going from a hobbyist to an entrepreneur. 

What is the Power to the Small panel?

The important role that small, local businesses play within their communities can often be overlooked by media that focus on big name companies and their flashy leaders. Windstream has partnered with Inc. magazine to host the Power to the Small panel series in Windstream communities to support and empower the small businesses we serve. In Charlotte, NC, entrepreneurs Jermaine Johnson of No Grease Barbershop, Mac Lackey of Mountain Khakis and Charlie Mulligan of Brewpublik shared their insights on many of the most pressing issues facing business owners today.